What would you do if you’re being stalked?

In my novel My Watcher The Zeuorian I joke about how the two characters Tyler and Everett stalk Lexi, following her everywhere she goes, but what if you were really being stalked what you do in that situation?

It’s not that uncommon as you may think. Frankly, we make it easy to do. We post pictures of ourselves, trips, hobbies and passions. We share personal information about ourselves through comments, stories and chats. We even sometimes post where we’re going to or currently at.

If that’s not bad enough, there are websites that sell information about you: your birthday, age, email, address, marital status, relations, income , finances, liens, law suits, marriage and divorce, complaints, and so forth.

As a prior victim of stalking, I know how easy it is to delude yourself that it can’t happen to you, but it does. If you’re active online, I guarantee someone is stalking you, even innocently wanting to know more about you.

So I ask you again, what would you do if you’re being stalked?

Hide? Report them to the police? Turn the tables on them?

Personally, I did them all. I found hiding only managed to shut myself off from the world while my stalker continued to follow me. Going to the police didn’t provide me any protection, even with the updated laws. Turning the tables on them . . . well, that can turn out good or bad. In my case it turned out good, but I won’t tell you how, at least not now. I’ll save it for one of my stories. Until then . . . I’ll let you fill in the blank. 😉

About The Author

C. Zablockis is an Indie author of paranormal, dark fantasy and horror novels. She published Lexi Greene’s Dangerous Lesson, Lexi Greene’s Grim Awakening, Monster (The Zeuorian Series) and My Watcher (The Zeuorian Series) YA Dark Fantasy Thriller.

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