YA Fantasy Beta Readers Needed

I finished my Novelette Control, sequel to Zeuorian Awakening a YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi thriller. I’m looking for beta readers. I’m willing to read your book in return.

Please post a comment if you’re interested.

About The Author

C. Zablockis is an Indie author of paranormal, dark fantasy and horror novels. She published Lexi Greene’s Dangerous Lesson, Lexi Greene’s Grim Awakening, Monster (The Zeuorian Series) and My Watcher (The Zeuorian Series) YA Dark Fantasy Thriller.

6 thoughts on “YA Fantasy Beta Readers Needed

    1. Thanks, I’ll check out your work and see if we are a good fit and get back to you. It’ll probably be later today. My little one is demanding my attention right now.

    2. First thank you about the book cover comment. My day job is graphic and web design. I love working with Photoshop, but I rarely get to show off what I can do for my clients. So I go crazy with my personal art as well as my book covers.

      I read over your work. You definitely have the same tough, sarcastic protagonist like mine. I did notice you write adult fiction, whereas I write YA, but I don’t think that will be a big issue. My protagonist was home schooled and her only friends were her parents, in particular her dad. So her voice is more mature and reference his hobbies.

      My Novelette is 30,000 words in length. I was hoping for feedback in 2 to 4 weeks. I’m looking for feedback on your general feel about the story voice, characterization, pace, storyline. If there are areas that are confusing or boring or too fast.

      So what do you want me to read from you? What’s the word count? What is your timeline for feedback? Is there anything particular you want me to pay attention too?

      Last question what format do you want to review my story in? I can do Word, Kindle, epub, pdf or we can use https://www.nookpress.com/ and use their collaborator feature to review and comment on the manuscript or https://draftin.com/.

      Thanks for offering to help out,

      1. Hey Cindy, no problem at all, most of my CPs write YA anyway. I also read a lot of YA, so my adult fiction has quite a lot of YA elements (well, let’s say New Adult hehe) I’d like feedback on a short-story I intend to publish, but I haven’t finished the first draft yet. I need to work on delivering my novel to my editor for the next two weeks, and then I’ll need two more weeks to fix and rewrite some items in the short-story, so all in all, Mid July would be good for me. The story should have no more than 15k and it is actually, an YA. Talk about a coincidence. I usually work with Word (track changes) but I can also do Google docs. Whatever you prefer. My goal is a general read, you know, make sure characters and plot are consistent, everything is flowing well, good dialogues, find information dumps, etc etc etc.

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