Underworld: Awakening in3D Blu-ray review

Underworld: Awakening Movie

I just watched Underworld: Awakening in3D on Blu-ray. It was the fourth film part of the epic battle between vampires and lycan’s (werewolves for those who don’t know what lycan means). However, this go around, humans discovered their existence and go on a rampage exterminating both their kinds. Surprisingly, but not really, both species managed to survive extinction by hiding, getting inside help or in Selene case, used as a guinea pig.

Last movie she drank Corvinus blood, father of all vampires and lycans. She is now more powerful and able to walk in daylight as well as have a kid with Michael, the hybrid vampire-lycan, who is missing in this movie. She escaped the medical facility with the help of her daughter, after being placed in cryo-freeze for twelve years. Then same old same old happens. The lycan’s come after them. They want her hybrid daughter to help them control transforming into a wolf form. Selene kicks ass and saves the day, leaving the ending open for a sequel where she go searching for Michael who was still alive.


The movie was better than I expected, but not as good as the first movie. Although, my view on movies is a slight tainted.  I have been known to like ones rated never see even if given to you for free, which I did in this case.

About The Author

C. Zablockis is an Indie author of paranormal, dark fantasy and horror novels. She published Lexi Greene’s Dangerous Lesson, Lexi Greene’s Grim Awakening, Monster (The Zeuorian Series) and My Watcher (The Zeuorian Series) YA Dark Fantasy Thriller.

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