What ever happen to horror movies that actually scared you?

I recently watched the latest version of Final Destination, not sure what number, I lost count. Within fifteen minutes I was bored. Nothing in the movie actually scared me or even had me on the edge of my seat. I haven’t felt that heart racing, eyes open wide as I wonder what will happen next for a long time while watching a movie.

So I end up pulling out an old classic horror movie DVD with a great actor like Vincent Price where they didn’t need to slice and dice everyone on the screen to scare me. The acting and the concept alone kept me up at night. The 1970’s Exorcist movie forever hunts my dreams. I mean who wouldn’t be scared of the thought some evil entity could take over your body and possess you.

exorcist movie

What about When a Stranger Calls where the girl is baby sitting and someone keeps calling asking,  “Have you checked the children”.

When a Stranger Calls Movie

Or the Shining, another one of my favorites. ““Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!” or “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” As a writer, I somewhat can relate to his last quote.

The Shinning Movie

I can’t forget the first Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. I had nightmares of the boogie man coming after me for months after watching that movie.

Halloween Movie


I have to throw in an alien abduction movie too, Fire in the Sky based on a true story about a man abducted by aliens while in Oregon, one of my favorite summer hang outs. Hiking in the woods was never the same. I kept staring at the sky, hoping no alien thought I was an interesting specimen.

Fire in the Sky Movie

Oh and Poltergeist. “They’re heeeeeere.”

Poltergeist Movie

Last, but not least, Jaws. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” That movie alone screwed up my favorite past time as a kid, hangin’ at the beach in Southern California. I wouldn’t go in the water for a whole year, afraid a shark was going to eat me.

Jaws Movie

So what was your all time favorite horror movies?

About The Author

C. Zablockis is an Indie author of paranormal, dark fantasy and horror novels. She published Lexi Greene’s Dangerous Lesson, Lexi Greene’s Grim Awakening, Monster (The Zeuorian Series) and My Watcher (The Zeuorian Series) YA Dark Fantasy Thriller.

3 thoughts on “What ever happen to horror movies that actually scared you?

  1. “Black Sabbath” with Boris Karloff, particularly the stare of the dead woman in the first scene. didn’t the mantra of horror used to be ‘the threat is greater than the kill?’ now it’s all gory-story and FX.

    1. Oh, yes, Boris Karloff, the ultimate and lets face it, the original horror film actor and I say the greatest. He was able to scare anyone with one simple look and bad makeup.

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